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Team History The Korea Investment Team ('the  Team') is one of the most experienced and oldest Korea dedicated investment teams to exist in the world. The Team's investment philosophy and investment style has been consistent for over 20 years backed by its core members who have worked together since 1992.
The Team is the frontrunner in fundamental research and holds one of the most extensive and rich investment experiences in the Korea equity market.
The Team's long history with its unique non-hierarchical culture is its biggest competitive advantage. Over two decades of consistent leadership and philosophy the Team has generated superior return overtime.

The Team was first built as John Lee began the management of The Korea Fund in 1991 at Scudder, Stevens and Clark (Scudder) . At the time, Daewoo Capital Management was a local advisor for the fund and was introduced to Scudder's unique investment approach and style, which later became the foundation for the Team's current investment philosophy.
It also introduced independent research and company visits  as a part of research to the Korea's financial industry, which at the time consisted of institutional and individual investors with day trading investment styles. During the financial crisis which began in 1998, the Korean government established four restructuring funds. Of the four funds, the Hankang Restructuring Fund, managed by John Lee was launched and became the first mutual fund to be listed on the stock market in 1999. When Daewoo Capital Management became insolvent due to the financial crisis, John Lee invited Daewoo's analyst s to Scudder to be part of a Korea team and to preserve the investment philosophy.

After Deutsche Asset Management acquired Scudder in 2005 the team continued to expand while it continued to successfully manage The Korea Fund and The Hankang Restructuring Fund. The Team also introduced a replication of The Korea Fund customized for Korea's retail investors.

In 2005, the Team joined Lazard Asset Management where it continued to pioneer into new areas which led to the launch of the first ever activist corporate governance strategy in Korea. By 2008 the Team was managing assets for one of the most prominent pensions, sovereign wealth funds, endowments and family funds in the world. As a result, the team was awarded by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for its contribution to foreign inbound investment to Korea in 2008.
In order to enrich its research capabilities Kayla Mu, a native Taiwanese investment analyst was hired to join the Team as China became a more integral part of Korean equity research.

In Spring 2013, most of individual team members except one left Lazard and  regrouped at Meritz Asset Management in which the team has full management control. The team believes that it is critical to preserve the Team's unique investment culture and style.
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