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Hello, my name is John Lee, CEO of Meritz Asset Management which is a Korea domiciled asset manager established in 2008. Although the firm has a relatively young history, our equity investment team is the only team in the world where its core members have worked together for over 20 years under a consistent investment philosophy. The team has partnered with Meritz Asset Management in January 2014 to build the equity business by serving various clients such as domestic, foreign, institutional and individuals.

The Korea Investment Team is one of the most experienced and oldest Korea dedicated investment teams to exist in the world. The Team’s investment philosophy and investment style has been consistent for over 20 years backed by its core members who have worked together since 1992 through managing the ‘The Korea Fund’ (ticker: ‘KF’) in 1991, the first closed-end mutual fund listed on the New York Stock Exchange to invest in Korean equities. The Team is the frontrunner in fundamental research and holds one of the most extensive and rich investment experiences in the Korea equity market. The Team’s long history with its unique non-hierarchical culture is its biggest competitive advantage. Over two decades of consistent leadership and philosophy the Team has generated superior return overtime.

Our investment style is purely bottom-up with the focus on long-term winners which sets us apart from the peers. Our unique culture cultivates and fosters independent and non-consensus thinking and every investment professional is incentivized to perform.
The Team’s long standing expertise paired with the Meritz’s solid infrastructure and commitment to the business is expected to provide a solid foundation for success.

If you have any questions or need help investing in Korea, please contact us.

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John Lee


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