• The Korea Fund
    1991-2005. Listed on the NYSE (Ticker: KF. Closed ended).
  • Korea Equity Fund
    1994-2005. Luxemburg offshore fund.
  • Korea Open Fund
    2002-2005. Ireland Offshore fund for Japanese Clients.
  • The Hankang Restructuring Fund
    1998-2008. First mutual restructuring fund to be listed on KQ.
  • The New Korea Fund
    2004-2005. Open ended retail fund.
  • Corporate Governance Strategy
    2006-2012. First Korea dedicated activist fund.
  • Open ended Retail Fund
    2008-2013. Open ended retail fund.
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund
    2008-2013. Managed one of the largest European SWF.
  • High Net Worth Investor
  • Our Team
  • Experience